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Apr 11, 2012

Five Miles Of Hell Dirt Bike Trail, San Rafael Swell

The Five Miles Of Hell Trail has been on my to do list for a while now. Of course the name makes it intriguing, and anyone who rides it will tell you it's a challenge. I hadn't planned on doing it this weekend, but the stars were aligned and I ended up running into a couple of great guys on the Devil's Racetrack Trail that happened to be running it the next day. When they mentioned this to me I was wide eyed and eager to go along but a little unaware of the challenge that lay ahead. Even though the trail says five miles of hell, it's been said it's more like 7. The total distance of the loop is about 20 miles and we traveled it in 6 hours. It's hard to say how much is total hell, but it's at least 5 miles!! This was a fairly constant pace, but not rushed and we took plenty of breaks. With any kind of a group, 6 hours is a good window..but better to leave more time on this trail as there are many places that can eat up time, especially with a larger group. We traveled the loop counter clockwise and did not take any of the three possible bail outs along the trail. This trail is the real deal! It is extremely challenging, remember this and be patient. Towards the middle I made some stupid mistakes thinking we were past the hard stuff. After I re-focused, it started to be fun again!

Getting ready to hit the trail
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MOBILE MAP, (link to google map)

-Trail Head 38-7889, -110.70963
-Fork R 38-7872, -110.69188
-5MOH- Fork hard left (white dashes) at sign 38.763121,-110.669929
-5MOH-1Bailout Bailout #1 38.77348, -110.66148
-5MOH-2Bailout Bailout #2 38.7657, -110.65665
-5MOH-3Bailout Bailout #3 38.76305, -110.64993
-5MOH-Trailbox Trail Box 38.753464,-110.615982

It's best to do this trail when it's not hot. The day we did the trail it may have reached 80, but it felt much warmer. Also, it was extremely dry and dusty making some of the sections more difficult with the dry sand on slickrock. A good rain the day before could have made it better as well. TAKE PLENTY OF WATER! I think we all ran out of water on our camelbaks by the end of the trail, this trail really takes it out of you.

Success!! We were so ready to see this spot!
This is where the trail box is and where the return route begins.


  1. Looks brutal. But at least I can now say that I have ridden a bike that has completed 5MOH! That is good enough for me!

  2. Great ride and video. Thanks for joining us and looking forward to riding with you again.

    1. Thank you! What a great ride, couldn't have done it without you guys. Definitely looking forward to more.

  3. Why did they make such trail? Looks like Hell! No thank you, I'll just ride on Devil's Racetrack.

  4. Awesome, its on this seasons bucket list!

  5. Thanks for posting this. I think 5moh is one of my 3 favorites these days. The crux just under the first bailout is unreal. I'd love to meet Dick Brass (the creator of 5moh) and buy him a beer! Thank you Sage Riders for all your hard work!