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Mar 14, 2012

Five Mile Pass Ride, Rattlesnake Jeep Trail

This past Saturday was just too nice of a day to not get out and ride. My boys and I decided to head out to Five Mile Pass West of Lehi. This area has never been on the top of my list, perhaps because of the crowds, but it is one of the closest areas to us and we actually had a few really good rides and had a great time. There are a good number of trails out here, but as I mentioned the main areas can get crowded. Once out on the trails it has never seemed too crowded however, and we found some new trails along with a couple of play areas that the boys had a blast playing on for a while. When I first visited this area years ago, we came out with our jeep club and ran the rattlesnake trail. We decided to work our way over to it and then ran it down and back up. It has changed a lot and doesn't seem nearly as long on a bike. It's just a short trail that we use to have fun on in the rock buggy, but it's one where you have to find the hard lines or it's not much of a challenge. This was a fun trip and the first time out with the new SX head upgrade for my KTM 250XC. The head upgrade was definitely an improvement and had no downside to it at all. It ran tighter and stronger and was more fun to ride. My current jetting with the head worked well and did not need to be changed. The rattlesnake trail can be seen on the map as well as where we parked. There are a few large parking areas at 5 mile pass and many areas to camp. Enjoy the video!

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