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Mar 27, 2012

Cherry Creek Dirt Bike Trails

Cherry Creek is awesome, and having some nice weather this weekend made it even better! As I've said before, this is a good place to get lost if you're not careful. This is also part of what makes this place such a good place to ride. There are so many options, I find something new every time I go out. It's like a one of those stories where you pick the ending, each turn takes you on a new path. I tried to piece some of my favorite trails together this time as you'll see on the map below the video. The orange is a trail we did as a family and is the easiest and widest of what I mapped. Most of the other stuff is narrow single track type riding. Even if your style is just to see where your bike takes you it's a good idea to have a gps and a place to start. As always you can zoom in and/or click the icons on the map for more detailed info. All of these could be ridden in a day, it's a fun place to just ride and explore. 
View Cherry Creek March 2012 in a larger map, or go to MOBILE MAP

Family ride in wider wash shown in orange on map.
this is a short ride, but there are many spurs that we took
along the way as well.


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