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Feb 23, 2012

Brian's Trail To Dead Cow Wash Loop, White Wash Dunes

One of our favorite areas is White Wash Sand Dunes between Moab and Green River Utah. It seems to be a really good place to visit this time of year within a reasonable distance as compared to other options.
We have been there at least twice in less than optimal conditions and this area has seemed to fare pretty well. I don't know what it is, maybe a little luck, maybe elevation or just location in general, but when the snow flies this area seems to be one of the least affected and it's much closer to us than St George, which would be warmer by a bit. It snowed one day while we were there and it melted off quickly and never became unrideable. Having a lot of sand and rock helps tremendously with this. The conditions on this trip were actually very nice excluding the one day of snow. Temps were around 50, and it was sunny and generally dry. The water in the washes really adds to the fun and the moisture in the sand keeps it more firm this time of year especially.. although there was some ice in the luge and tubes, later in the year would be much better for these sections. We made a 4 day weekend out of our regular holiday weekend, but the rest of our group just came down for the day on Saturday to ride. Having some new to the area we wanted to start out with something to warm up then hit some of the best there is to offer here. Dead Cow Wash and The Tubes has always been a favorite so the decision was to start out on Brian's and then take the Red Rim Trail to Dead Cow Wash, also known as "The Luge". Instead of looping on the tubes and luge, we backtracked trough this section to do it twice. This entire loop totaled around 28 miles and took our group just over 3 hours to complete. The map below the video shows the our route along with some points of interest. I ran Mary's trail the following day so there are a few points relating to that trail as well which intersects this loop. Check out the video below! Apologies for the dusty lens in the Tubes section and the shaky footage at times.

Click the "Directions" link on the map below for detailed directions from your location to the White Wash Dunes area where we camped.

View Brian's, Dead Cow Loop in a larger map

Full Printable White Wash Area Trail Map

Loop Distance: Approx 28 miles total as mapped above

Key GPS Points:(red pins on map)
-Camp, Start/Finish:(green tent icon on map) 38.803765,-110.033033
-Junction with Mary's towards end of Brian's: 38.768903,-110.012694
-Start Red Rim Trail: 38.763596,-110.039127
-Red Gate: 38.760785,-110.059914
-Dead Cow Wash Start: 38.738005,-110.068256
-Tubes Start: 38.725061,-110.108532

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