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Jan 4, 2012

Warner Valley Dirt Biking New Years Weekend

This was our first trip to Warner Valley. Warner Valley is located South of Sand Hollow State Park near St George Utah. The main draw here is the fact that the temps are very mild throughout the winter months. We rode in January without a jacket, and really enjoyed the warm sun while hanging at camp as well. The drive for us is a real killer though to make it down very often. There are many other places with as good or better riding 2 or even 3 hours closer. The riding here really is pretty good however, and the option for the kids to ride around camp is a big plus. There are a few really good camp areas with tracks and trails within easy reach for the kids to play on. The kids liked this area as good or maybe better than other areas we've camped at. This time we stayed at moon rocks, but hung out a little at another spot too(marked by the red pin on the map). We met up with a few other families/riders to camp, party, and ride. It was great to have the company and some folks willing to show us around a bit. We stayed up and rung in the new year watching world record jumps via satellite tv near the camp fire and guitar hero inside the trailer. During our stay we basically did three loops which I have mapped below. I'm unsure of the official names, but the first one we did included part of the Fort Pierce Trail(red track), the second was Cactus something(blue track) so I called it the Cactus Loop, and the third has been referred to as the "Dino" Single Track Trail(orange track) since it is near the dinosaur tracks(marked by the green pin marker). Click "directions" on the map below to get to moon rocks from your location, or click the other markers for the same. Be aware that if you are hauling a trailer, at the time we went down we had to come in from the Hurricane(East) side because of a section of deep sand on the road from Washington/St George. This section is easily passable with 4wd, but hauling a trailer would have been a good chance at getting stuck. Conditions of this section change daily


  1. Glad you liked St. George, very warm. I like your video.

    1. Thanks man, it was warm. Wish you guys could have made it out, that sand was only a few miles from our camp. It seemed worse than it was, but we did know beforehand that it could be an issue, so no surprise there. The sand actually looked worse than it was though.