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Nov 4, 2011

Millville Canyon, Logan Peak, Dry Canyon Singletrack

First official ride on the new bike! This area has changed so much since I went up there last. There is an entirely new road up to Logan Peak! I'm not sure of the logic here,'s there and there are even more of the old routes closed including providence canyon! Providence Canyon has been closed due to flood damage, but now talk is that they may never open it back up. I really hope that's not the case, so many trails have been taken already. In the meantime, however there are still a number of really good 4x4 routes and trails to enjoy. This time we took Millville Canyon to Logan Peak, then took dry canyon singletrack(tracked in orange on the map) to the point where they have closed it to motorized access and turned around. There was a bit of snow and some cold hands on this trip, along with a bit of bike trouble but it was a great day of riding nonetheless. I have to say I am really happy with the new bike, but it has taken some tuning to get it nailed after this initial break in. luckily tuning the power on this bike is very easy to do. More to come on this later. Our route is shown on the map below. Click the icons for pictures and more info about each point. Be sure to check out the video footage below the map as well!

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  1. Except for those tight switchbacks, the single track trail looks fun.

  2. :D that one switchback sure beat me! Something to work on for next time though. I sure wish they hadn't closed the lower section to motorized vehicles..loved that section. Too many houses in the valley now i guess..? Dang.neighborhood moved in and shut it down.