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Nov 21, 2011

Lift Handle 04-10 KTM 250XC

One of the issues with the 2004 to 2010 KTM XC's is the lack of a solid lift point on the rear of the bike. It is possible to lift with the fender,
but it's a little awkward and is not real solid. I saw this design online and liked the concept. The machined aluminum piece I saw online was nice, but at $75 I thought I might could make one that was just as strong and not pay too much of a penalty in weight. I made this from about $2.00 worth of steel, and it took maybe a couple hours to build although the time could be cut down with less finish work and knowing ahead of time the design details. The handle itself is 3/4" strap. The standouts are actually old bearing spacers from the swingarm of my old bike, but they are basically 1/2" inside dia pipe/tubing. These worked well because the get bigger at the base making it more stable, but something similar could be done with simple 1/2" pipe. I made the standouts first, then bolted them onto the bike. Once this was done I covered up the bodywork to protect it and spot welded the bent strap to the standouts. I then removed the handle to finish weld, sand, paint etc. Now I have a solid handle right where I need it.

I bent the strap to allow room to grab, then welded it to the standouts

I welded washers to the ends, the stock bolts work to hold it on
I heated the metal and quenched it in oil to harden the handle before paint

Bolt on over exhaust leaving all stock pieces intact
I used the stock bolts, but removed the stock washers allowing the bolts to thread down all the way

The finished product. Very stout, and right where I need a handle for yanking the bike around. 


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