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Nov 29, 2011

Cinder Hills OHV Flagstaff AZ Dirt Bike and ATV Trails

The best way for me to describe this place is a ski resort for dirt bikes. Some differences of course are that instead of mogul fields you have whoops, and instead of going down the runs, you go up them...instead of snow, volcanic cinders.

Looking down on top of one of the craters of "Double
Crater" This thing is huge, and yes you can play here!
There are also deep bowls that resemble powder bowls, trails that resemble cat tracks and the ability to play on the entire mountain. The cinders are much like riding in sand, but at the same time it's not fair to say this is just another dune area. The depth and consistency of the cinders vary making it possible to play in most areas without the use of a paddle tire. The cinders and trees also tend to offer more trails and obstacles in many areas rather than just dune hills. On a few of the bigger climbs a paddle tire seemed necessary, but having a paddle would limit you in other areas. A knobby made for loose sandy terrain would probably be the best choice here. The secret to riding here is to not ride it half assed. Once you commit to riding at speed with a good amount of throttle you will realize that there is a pretty good amount of control and traction to be had. Slow down and start worrying about hitting a tree or sinking the front tire and you probably will. However, there are a few areas that I show on the map below(green markers, light area) where slower less experienced or less aggressive riders can also ride and still have fun. If you have a more trail friendly, heavier mellow powered bike,  you may want to consider these areas as well. I loved it all, but it wasn't till I dialed my bike in to hit harder and stay in the power band did I really enjoy myself here. At the time we arrived, the main access was closed due to flooding damage. I accessed the area by driving down Sunset Blvd. just South of this road as shown by the flag on the map.

-Cinder hills is located 12 miles Northeast of Flagstaff AZ and consists of approximately 13,500 acres of terrain. The cost to use the area is nothing. Click the "directions link" on the map below for directions from your location or use your mobile device and the link to the right.

Cinder Hills Rough Area Boundary. Lighter area seems more trail friendly with green markers marking a few trail heads, intersections etc. Red pin markers are more extreme play areas.

View Cinder Hills OHV Area in google maps
Watch The Video!

Staging area from Sunset Blvd.

Brayden getting ready to go ride. 

A view of the crater at "Double Crater"
Halfway down into one of the craters at "Double Crater"

Yet another view of the crater and surrounding area. 

Cinder Flats Area. This area is much easier to ride in, very beautiful with the trees etc.

The "pipeline trail" continues beyond the cinder hills boundary. (Shown by a green line on map above.)

Cinder Flats
Pines and Cinders, intermediate area

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  1. Great video and nice pics, keep it up & thanks for sharing.