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Nov 14, 2011

Cherry Creek Dirt Biking

A friend and I went out to Cherry Creek this past Saturday to ride. The forecast was a little iffy but regardless it was going to be a good day riding. We were prepared for anything, but were rewarded with a dry day and partly cloudy skies.

The sun peeked through at times during the day
The rain never came
Cherry Creek is a great place to ride, although it is a bit further of a drive for most of us to get out there than some of the other places. It's big and has a lot of different terrain. You will most likely get lost, at least for a time without a gps. Below is some video footage I shot from our rides. My friend was on my old bike, so you'll see that we switched at one point during the ride. It's fun to see the comparison between the two. I really started to appreciate my new bike on this trip. The bike rides higher and feels bigger. The suspension is more set up for this kind of stuff as opposed to motocross and it really shined through. It's also made to make power smoother and get traction where my old bike is more instant power. I still have fun on my old bike as it jumps around more, but the new KTM 250XC is just smooth!


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