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Nov 1, 2011

Caineville , Swingarm City Oct 2011

Caineville is a great place to get away for us. There is riding for the kids close to camp, and all kinds of riding beyond. With the San Rafael Swell close by, the riding opportunities are nearly endless, not to mention all the great hikes and sites available off the bikes.
Brayden really made a jump in his riding abilities after
stepping up to the 85cc 2-stroke bike.
Being creative really helps to have fun riding in the Swingarm City area. Riding around with the boys gave us all a chance to spot different lines, jumps, trails etc. Sometimes they would find the best lines that I would never have seen. The San Rafael area is totally different. There are single track trails where you are required to stay on the trail, both are awesome and require a different style. Sometimes I like the open area riding, and sometimes I prefer the trail rides. It's all good, and it's really about challenging yourself and spending time with family and friends. Of course just kicking back in places like this is awesome too. Check out the video to see the contrast in riding areas, most is Caineville, with the waterfall trail(San Rafael Swell) thrown in between.
-Swingarm City Information
-San Rafael Trails

The weather was really awesome the whole time, we couldn't have had any better!

Owen is a little bit crazy...
Even in the buggy, below.

Brayden has skills
How did we get 5 kids?? Having fun with the panoramic mode...Hannah and Owen are fast.

Shelly loves her new bike, it took her a bit to get use to the soil here.


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