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Oct 3, 2011

Cherry Creek October 2011

Warm and dry for a trip in early October, but much better than the alternative. We met some friends for the weekend at Cherry Creek and it seemed as though everyone had a great time.
Cherry Creek is located near Little Sahara sand dunes, but offers a much different experience than the dunes.(click here for directions) The Cherry Creek area is huge and can accommodate a lot of people. We say many trailers coming out Friday evening, but saw very little traffic on the trails. Most seemed to stay near camp to ride, while occasionally hitting the trails. It's a good place to take kids depending on your camp location of choice. Be aware that if you camp or ride in the trees it becomes very easy to loose your direction. Our location allowed our kids to ride around camp without getting lost and allowing us to keep an occasional eye on them. The terrain varies from soft sand to hard rock, double track to single track, rolling hills to steep technical climbs. If you can't find something to ride here, you may need help. Everyone in our group found something they loved to ride from challenging to mellow, fast to slow. Click to see all of our cherry creek trip reports. So far, my favorite area to ride here is the area Northeast of the dunes. The trails in this area are steeper travel into some of the higher elevations. The washes are a flat out blast to burn through, and the technical single track trails should challenge most anyone. Sunday morning I decided to go out and make a loop in the area. As you can see on the map(zoom in), there are so many options. Had I chose a left instead of a right or right instead of a left I could have ended up doing a totally different set of trails. However, Over the few rides I've done, this one was the best I've done so far.

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I traveled the trail in a counter clockwise direction starting at the flag and returning via the road to camp. Total mileage was around 23 miles, leave yourself 2 hours to complete the ride including stops. Elevation gain is 2, 220 feet.
Exit this wooded area and enter the wash
(yellow pin marker)
immediately after reaching the wash at the yellow pin marker, exit here.
You may also travel up the wash, but this time I chose this route
to make a larger loop.
Looking back down nearing the top

Looking towards the highest point of the trail 

This is the highest point of the trail, looking down towards Little Sahara
Very rocky and narrow before and after this point.
(red rocky icon on the map)
The trail grows faint as you travel
along the high faces.
Looking down towards Little Sahara and the main Cherry Creek  Area
Look close and you can see Cherry Creek Res.
At this point I could see the road, but not how to get to it! 

After picking my way through the faint singletrack I merged into a more distinct trail
 (blue marker on map), then I dropped into this wash for a nice, although not
direct ride, back to the road. 

Washing the bikes after a weekend of fun!!


  1. Looks like an awesome trip: not quite something I feel cabable of yet but give it a few months and this is the kind of break I want.