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Jul 20, 2011

Willow Creek Loop Trail

This is a loop we explored over the 4th of July weekend in Ephraim Canyon. Having an especially wet year made getting to the top questionable, but they had just opened the road days before we got there. We found a nice spot near the top to park the trailer and make camp for the weekend. It was chilly at times, but warmed up nice during the days as well. The snow was melting quick making many of the trails messy, and many impassable. This loop was a little lower in elevation and really has some fun terrain to traverse. There are a few remote ponds along the way and this time I saw a few small waterfalls as well. A couple sections required skirting around the mud and water holes to get through. As you can see by the picture, I misjudged one and ended up stuck pretty good. The mud was so soft here that I would sink my feet in trying to pull up on my bike. I had to lay a log across to give me something to walk on giving me a way to work my bike out of the muck. The distance of this loop is around 11 or 12 miles, and it's moderate in difficulty on a drier day. The extra water made it difficult and the deep water crossings in some areas were very interesting. I first traveled the trail in a clockwise direction(from the top down) and did the outer loop. The 2nd day, we all completed the shorter, inner loop from the bottom starting on Willow Creek RD and going up. The trail consists of dirt road and 4 wheeler doubletrack. Click the "Directions" link on the map below for detailed directions from your location to the trail head.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2011

    Would anyone recommend using high performance motor oil with off road engines? Synthetic?