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Jul 29, 2011

Mtn View July 2011

For the holiday weekend of the 24th we traveled to Mtn. View WY to do some riding, camping, and even a few fireworks. Mtn. View is a decent place to go this time of year because it is a little higher in elavation. The temps while we were there topped out just above 80 most days and there was always a light breeze. We were prepared to run the air conditioner in the trailer, but we never turned it on. It stayed really pleasant in the shade and inside the trailer the whole time. This is also a fun place to go because you can pick up fireworks on the way nearby to light including those that are illegal in Utah. The boys really got into the firecrackers and bottle rockets. I liked the big booming aerials. We were the only ones camped there all weekend although there were a few people that came out Sunday and Monday to ride during the day. We had a great time riding around, it was also fun introducing the girls to riding..on their newly acquired bikes. Here's a video and some pics from the weekend.

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  1. amazing clicks..splendid

  2. Awesome! That sure is a hell of a ride! I have a friend who has a car show that features wild ride of different cars, motor bikes, and trucks this reminds me of those times when he invites me to watch their show. Great to have found this, I get to remember such great experience.

  3. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!
    Very exciting places.....
    i lkie it