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Jul 18, 2011

Lewis Peak Singletrack

Also known as the skyline trail, Lewis Peak is the Southern half leading from the North Ogden Divide. The Northern Skyline Trail leads to Ben Lomand Peak. The total mileage of the route we traveled was around 26 miles from the parking lot, to Lewis Peak, to the overlook, down to Pineview Res., and back to the parking lot at North Ogden Divide. As the trail leaves the parking lot, it immediately climbs up some steep switchbacks. There are some tricky sections here and you will often encounter horses and/or hikers. We quickly ascended to Lewis Peak to take in the view and a short break. After chatting with some other riders at the peak, we took a spur out to a cliff overlook. After visiting the overlook, we took the spur down to Pineview. The spur to Pineview was the longest and descended way down to the lower elevations. After a short break there, it was back up to the top and then back down to the parking lot.

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  1. the video is awesome. Looks you like adventures.

  2. I was up there about two years ago and is spectacular.