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Jul 10, 2011

Ephraim Canyon Singletrack Trail. Mtn Bike/Dirt Bike

I grew up in Ephraim so I have ridden this trail before, but it has gone through some improvements over the years and has had some additional trails added that can be linked to make for a longer, more enjoyable ride. I recorded a distance of around 7 miles on my gps, although I had to backtrack in one spot to help the boys over a rock. The trail is fairly easy, smooth single track and is used by mtn. bikers and dirt bikers. There are signs in places and a gate that must be opened and re-closed. We rode down from the top and encountered one large tree that would be very difficult to overcome going uphill. Going uphill however, would most likely be the preferred route for a motorized dirt bike. Going down was fun, but going up would add to the difficulty and excitement. My 11 and 9 year old boys made the ride going down with little problems, but there are some steep sections that may intimidate some inexperienced riders. This area is a great place to ride and this trail is one of many, but is probably one of the longer single track sections if single track is your thing. The Trail Head at the bottom is located at 39.337521,-111.56319 on the gps. You must go up the main canyon road and ride through a few houses to reach it. Click on the "Directions" link below for detailed directions from your location.

Download GPX FILE for gps navigation

GPS Points of Interest:

Bottom of Trail(Head) 39.337521,-111.56319
Intersect Willow Cr RD(lower) 39.319637,-111.517099
Intersect Willow Cr RD(upper) 39.322405,-111.513639
Top of Singletrack 39.322405,-111.513639
Lake Hill Camp 39.326181,-111.499944
Intersect Lake Hill and Main Canyon RD(End) 39.332231,-111.495588

This video was shot following my brother on his mtn. bike, me on my dirt bike. This is just the lower section of trail(locally known as "The Flume". The upper is similar, but had more vegetation, fallen trees, and water.

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  1. That is awesome, I wish I had more time to get out and do stuff like that. Loved the video footage as well, that was a nice touch.