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Jul 10, 2011

2-Stroke Pipe Repair

Dents in 2-stroke pipes not only look bad, but more importantly cause a decrease in power. Pipe manufacturers do a lot of R&D to make pipes that have certain power characteristics and power increases. Most of this has to do with the shape of the pipe. I had a pretty big dent in my pipe even though I was using a guard, and a few smaller ones. I contemplated buying a new pipe, but couldn't find the one I wanted for the price I wanted so I decided to repair my old one.

There are different methods to make repairs. The latest one I've seen uses compressed air and heat to kind of pop the dents out from the inside. While this works very well, it requires special equipment and know how in order to do it safely. The method that I used includes cutting, banging the dents out, and re-welding the plates back into place. If done right it's not that hard and the pipe can look almost as good as new depending on your skills as a welder and the finish on the pipe. A works pipe with a bare metal finish is obviously the best candidate, but my chrome pipe ended up looking ok too.

First, determine the best place to cut to make the repairs. I chose this panel because I could get the big dent and some smaller ones by only cutting one panel out. Cut along the welds, this will make it easier to weld back together and won't add welds/seams to the pipe. One reason I chose to cut out this section instead of the one with the biggest dent is that I didn't want to have to mess with the mounting tab. This way, it will mount back up for sure without any differences.

Now use a pry bar or something and apply heat to the metal to make it soft and work the dent out. On the piece that is cut out you can use a hammer to pound the dents out.

To get the shape perfect I used heat and a pipe to pound against.

What once was a dent, now is gone.

Here is the finished product. I oiled the bare metal so it wouldn't rust, but you may also choose to paint it with high temp paint.


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