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Jun 5, 2011

Crystal Geyser Family Trail Ride

This is a fun and easy family ride that is easily accessed from the White Wash Dune area. The distance from the trail head to the geyser is 14.5 miles, to make a round trip double the distance. The trail can be easily traveled in 2 to 3 hours. The geyser itself is not predictable so you can get lucky and see it, but more than likely you'll have to just wait and see. We waited around for 20 minutes or so, then headed back to camp. We didn't really set aside time to wait, but just seeing the features around the geyser is pretty cool, and it's a nice spot to sit by the river and get a snack and a rest. The trail is pretty easy to follow. It is signed in critical spots as it crosses in and out of the wash. You will need to follow some sections of road to connect. Having a gps is still very helpful as there are many spurs that could lead you away. The Geyser is located at 38.938378,-110.135359, and the trail head is at 38.811657,-110.050569. Download the entire track by clicking the link below the map. For help reaching the trail head without a gps, click the "Directions" link on the map below.

Download GPX FILE for gps navigation


  1. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    The first time I visited Crystal Geyser I was lucky enough to see it erupt. I have been back many times since, but no such luck.

    That is a nice family ride, although the whoops in Oil Well Wash can get old if you aren't used to them. You can bypass some of them by taking the Orange Trail.

    Dee G.

  2. Cool, I have a friend that went there once and saw it erupt right as they were pulling in. I guess you just have to be lucky. I'm sure we'll be back to try our luck again. It looked wet all around like it had gone off, so we figured we missed it this time.

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