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May 3, 2011

Salt Lake City Supercross 2011

It doesn't get much better than this, actually as far as Supercross goes it has never been better than this! The most competitive season ever came to Salt Lake Saturday night and in a season of 17 races and 340 laps the last lap in Salt Lake could prove to be the most critical of the season. Coming into Salt Lake there were 4 within 9 points, leaving Salt Lake there were 9 points between first and second place! Villopoto raced strong the whole race. He looked as if he was determined to make a stand, and he definitely did. Reed came close during the last lap, but by coming in second to Villopoto he took a 6 point swing and instead of going into Vegas 3 points down, he goes in 9 down which means Villopoto only needs to finish in the top 6 in the final race even if Reed wins to clinch the title. Dungey placed 3rd, but he really needed a win to give him a chance next week, yet he is still only 3 points down from Reed. Stewart wrecked leaving him 23 points down now virtually eliminating his chances at the title. Of course anything can happen, but it feels like Villopoto took the title in Salt Lake, and we were happy to be pulling for him.

The weather this year was so much better than last year! There was sun and the track was actually dry by the time the race started until they wet it down. There was a lot of worry with snow earlier, but it cleared up and never came back. It was cold, but we were prepared. I think anyone who went last year was prepared for the worse!

They really put on a show at these events. The music, fireworks, and pyrotechnics really adds to the experience. This huge fireball at the start of the 450 main actually warmed us up for a bit. Once the racing started the action kept us warm.

The Lites class was almost as dramatic as the 450 class. Hansen has been fairly dominant in the points standings up until he broke his hand and began to lose steam. He came into Salt Lake 2 points out of the lead behind Brock Tickle. Hansen looked pressured right from the start to make a stand. The pressure caused him to prematurely try an aggressive block pass on Eli Tomac. The pass went wrong for Hansen leaving him on the ground pinned under his bike. He could not get up until the entire field had passed him. This one mistake cost him the season. Tomac rode like a man on a mission though taking the win with authority! Now, Tomac is a mere 2 points out of the lead which means it's a winner take all scenario in Vegas! Not bad for Tomac's rookie SX season.

When the night was over it was Ryan Villopoto basking in the glory! This night was owned by RV2!

SX Class Results

1. R. Villopoto

2. C. Reed

3. R. Dungey

4. A. Short

5. D. Millsaps

6. K. Windham

7. T. Hahn

8. J. Weimer

9. J. Brayton

10. J. Stewart

11. N. Wey

12. K. Regal

13. M. Byrne

14. C. Blose

15. T. Bowers

16. J. Thomas

17. R. Kiniry

18. C. Siebler

19. B. Lamay

20. M. Alessi

Supercross Class Season Standings
1. Ryan Villopoto, Poulsbo, Wash., Kawasaki – 318
2. Chad Reed, Tampa, Fla., Honda – 309
3. Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., Suzuki – 306
4. James Stewart, Haines City, Fla., Yamaha – 295
5. Trey Canard, Shawnee, Okla., Honda – 255
6. Andrew Short, Smithville, Texas, KTM – 214
7. Kevin Windham, Centreville, Miss., Honda – 202
8. Davi Millsaps, Carlsbad, Calif., Yamaha – 172
9. Justin Brayton, Cornelius, N.C, Yamaha – 153
10. Nick Wey, Dewitt, Mich., Yamaha - 139

Lites West Class

1. E. Tomac

2. K. Roczen

3. B. Tickle

4. C. Seely

5. K. Cunningham

6. T. Rattray

7. R. Morais

8. M. Davalos

9. T. Baker

10. B. Evans

11. T. Weeck

12. J. Canada

13. J. Hansen

14. T. Ingalls

15. B. Rutherford

16. C. Hinson

17. D. Vawser

18. L. Powell

19. T. Tapia

20. N. Paluzzi

Western Regional Supercross Lites Class Season Standings
1. Broc Tickle, Holly, Mich., Kawasaki – 165
2. Eli Tomac, Cortez, Colo., Honda – 163
3. Josh Hansen, Elbert, Colo., Kawasaki – 151
4. Cole Seely, Corona, Calif., Honda – 131
5. Ryan Morais, Murrieta, Calif., Suzuki – 124
6. Tyla Rattray, Wildomar, Calif., Kawasaki – 111
7. Ken Roczen, Germany, KTM – 105
8. Kyle Cunningham, Aledo, Texas, Yamaha – 105
9. Martin Davalos, Cairo, Ga., Suzuki – 95
10. Ben Evans, Garden City, Idaho, Kawasaki – 68


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