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Apr 13, 2011

Waterfall Trail Single Track Dirt Bike, San Rafael Swell

The Waterfall Trail located in the San Rafael Swell is a Single Track trail that varies from smooth flowing lines, to rocky ridges, to technical slickrock, and even has a couple difficult sections. This trail is rated "difficult" on the map, but except for a couple sections it is a quite easy trail. It's not boring however and keeps you entertained with a lot of good terrain. The normal way to travel the trail is start high on the North and drop down into the wash(South). The trail is designated by the dark blue line on the map below. For directions from your location click the "Directions" link, then enter your location once directed to google maps. The distance of the trail is about 12.5 miles and can be done in one to two hours. There are places to camp along the road in both directions from the trail head. We chose to camp just South of the trail head near flat mtn. then we just looped back on the yellow "atv shortcut" trail and small sections of road. This trail is very well marked and maintained thanks in large part to the Sage Riders. Be sure to check out the video below the map.

Download GPX FILE for gps navigation

Points Of Interest:

1- 38.692502,-110.740718 - Trail Head (North end)
2- 38.706678,-110.770533 - NW corner, start heading South
3- 38.685728,-110.775597 - Western most point of trail
4- 38.682093,-110.742574 - Meet wash
5- 38.64333,-110.745905 - End, meet road (South end of trail)


  1. 2:37 AWESOME!!

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Great Riding!

  3. how old is the kiddo?
    that was GREAT!!!
    good job!!!!!!

  4. Thanks! He's 9..he thinks he can do anything :D he does pretty well. We just did the trail again this weekend. My wife had her hands full..being fairly new to riding. She learned a lot on her ktm 200. My boys were on 2-strokes this time, no problem for them!

  5. Three of us are riding this area on Friday. Any good ideas on how to ride the colored trails and still connect to the waterfall trail? We would stage from the main road by Temple Mountain.