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Apr 14, 2011

Orange Trail, San Rafael Single Track Dirt Bike Trail,

This may have been our favorite trail of the trip. This trail has a rating of "more difficult" for the first half or so of the trail, and "most difficult" for the second half. My boys loved the trail, but the second half of the trail was too much for them in some spots. They still attempted every obstacle but one where I simply walked their bikes up. They are still talking about how much fun this trail was and it was one that I could really enjoy with them as well. It's still a fairly easy trail for a big bike with someone who has been riding for a while, but it had many obstacles that kept it interesting and fun! North Temple Wash leading up the wash from the South of the trail head(yellow on the map) is also a fun easy start to the trail. We started from the bottom of North Temple Wash, then completed the Orange and Blue Trail, then headed back to camp on the main road(we were camped near the Waterfall trail head). If you are camped towards the bottom of the canyon, it may be easier to just loop back down the Green Trail and the easier half of the Orange Trail. The difficult section is between the Green and the Blue Trail. The Orange Trail itself is about 9 miles of single track, and the Blue Trail is about 7.5 miles of single track. The entire loop took us somewhere around 2 to 3 hours to complete. The trail is well marked and easy to follow, but a gps is useful. Click the "Directions" link on the map for detailed directions from your location to the trail head. Be sure to watch the video below the map, the boys were wiped out at the end of this one!

Download GPX FILE for gps navigation

Points Of Interest:

38.660892,-110.640242 - Start of North Temple Wash
38.685058,-110.656829 - Trail Head, Orange Trail
38.691606,-110.658395 - Out of wash, turn right up a hill
38.694914,-110.634738 - Enter wash, travel East then North up wash
38.725413,-110.657086 - End "more difficult" section of Orange, turn right to continue to "most difficult" section left to Green Trail(easy)
38.740377,-110.650284 - Red Trail to the right, continue straight on Blue Trail(easy)
38.740377,-110.650284 - Green/Blue intersect. Right to Blue, Left to Green


  1. Chris BrownApril 14, 2011

    Man that just looks like a lot of fun. Got say you inspired me yesterday. I live in Eagle Mountain City center and went out and found some new trails.

  2. Cool video, looks like some good technical stuff. I want to do Devil's Racetrack like later this fall or so.

  3. Man I'll 50 next month and I only wish I had started as young as your kids did.
    They'd roost me everytime. My hats of to you.

    1. Haha, thanks! I wish i would i would have started that young too. I hope i can keep up for a few more years at least. I'm hoping they'll keep me young :D