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Mar 17, 2011

Dee Pass Loop, Balanced Rock Trail

Here's a loop that my brother showed to me the last time we were down to this area. He found this route on a mtn. bike website and it turned out to be a fun little loop. The map below shows the route I took and is also available on Google Maps, however my gps was bonking out so the points may be a little spotty...a problem that will be fixed for next time. The gps estiamtes my total mileage at 17.4 miles, but I would guess it's more like 18 to 20 because it straight lined it where there were many turns etc. To ride the trail I started and ended at 38.8317, -109.999 on the gps. There is a gate just after leaving the road that you must open and re-close. A better route, depending on where you are camped etc. may be to start at White Wash and go up the Enduro Loop, then return on the Dee Flat Trail (dotted lines, singletrack). These are very fun sections of trail and would make the loop longer for dirt bikers wanting a longer ride regardless of where you start the loop. From my starting point, you will head East through a number of mining "ruins", or shacks. Eventualy you will meet Duma Point Road. You must travel along this road SW for 3 miles to 38.788,-109.965 on the gps. At this piont the you will be able to loop back(NW). I wasn't sure where it looped back this time, so I kept going and did what is known as the balanced rock trail to Duma Point and turned around. From Duma Point you may continue to follow the trail back down to duma point road if you wish instead of turning around. This road, also called ruby ranch road on some maps, will continue South and then West back to White Wash Dunes eventually. The "Duma Point Trail" as outlined on the map appeared to be closed.

Download GPX FILE for gps navigation

Here is some video I shot starting at the balance rock trail and going through much of the return loop. For some reason I forgot to video the first part of the loop..problably because I had been on this portion before and took footage at that time.


  1. So that last half looks pretty dry? Dang, wish that one muddy climb part wasn't so muddy, I would have done the whole thing! All well. I like that rock.

  2. Yea man, it was dry. Too bad that hill was so nasty.