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Mar 27, 2011

Cherry Creek, 3-19 Video

Finally getting around to going through the rest of the footage from our trip to Cherry Creek last weekend. Everyone had a good time and we loved our new trailer The weather held off enough to get some good riding in Friday and Saturday, and even most of the day Sunday. Saturday night when the snow fell, we held out in the trailer and enjoyed a movie and popcorn from the microwave. This area is really big and has a lot of different options to ride. Each time we set out for a ride, we just chose an initial direction and then just chose random spurs along the way. A gps is really helpful here, especially if you chose to kind of free ride as we did. It's easy to get turned around out here and unless you take note of landmarks as you ride or have a gps chances are good that you'll have a hard time finding your way back. The map below shows our track from Saturday only, as does the video below. Click the icons for information about the trail. The green icon is a great loop for kids, it's easy single track but has enough obstacles to keep the little ones busy. We spurred over to the yellow marker and got to a rougher trail. It wasn't going to be prudent to push further with Hannah on my bike and it was too much for the boys. If your new to this area, get directions to "camp", from here you can ride in almost any direction and find something fun to ride.

Download GPX FILE for gps navigation


  1. I can see from the video why you'd need a GPS. Everything looks the same!

  2. Wow that looks like a lot of fun. But in agreement, yeah you definitely need a compass or GPS. Looks like your pretty well all alone out there. Sure looks fun though!! Thanks.