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Feb 25, 2011

Mary's Dirt Bike Trail Near Green River Utah

The lower portion of Mary's Trail near White Wash Sand Dunes is a fun slickrock trail that will challenge beginners. Earlier we had tried to reach the maze of slickrock trails by heading up the No Name Mesa Trail, but we were stopped by a steep slickrock hill that the boys could not climb on their bikes. Owen and I decided to try a different route and it worked out great! From White Wash Dunes (click for directions), we traveled up the West kids loop the Red Wash Road, then spurred off as shown on the map(click to enlarge). We headed west when we hit the start of the slickrock, hanging left as Brian's trail went right. Then instead of heading down the steep hill we encountered earlier, we took a right on a dirt bike only section(designated by dotted line), to do the lower portion of Mary's Trail. (click here for full printable map)

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  1. Awesome slickrock. So that was the trail on the edge of the cliff Owen was talking about(at the end of the video). He's a good rider!

  2.'s actually a pretty good size cliff there, he did really well I think.

  3. I say! I'm pretty impressed for a little kid like him that he didn't look scared at all.

  4. Cooool! When I look at the cliff it gives me goosebumps. I am a amateur motorbike racer but I do not do this. two thumbs up for the both of you!