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Feb 27, 2011

Dirt Biking Brian's Trail To Red Slot

Wow, what a great little trail this was. Brian's Trail is a trail that exits the North end of White Wash and climbs the slickrock. Taking the upper Mary's trail spur then descending into "Red Slot" really added some difficulty, scenery, and a bit of singletrack through the hard pack sand. This is still a relatively short trail being about 15 miles. For me it was my first ride of the trip and got me back to camp quick. If you're looking for a longer ride, combining this trail with Red Rim and Dead Cow Wash would be a really great ride! The map below shows the route I took. I think I may have done the ride backwards(according to the arrows on the trail), but I liked doing it this way. Sometime I'll have to try it in reverse. The orange arrows show my direction of travel as I started and returned to White Wash Sand Dunes. Scroll down to see some pics and video!

Click here for the Full Printable Trail Map. or google map
Download GPX FILE for gps navigation

Here is where the trail exits White Wash and Brian's Trail begins. The signs are great, when I first found this spot I turned right into a dead end canyon instead of hanging left at the top of this little hill.

The trail climbs up another smaller wash, then up some slickrock until you crest over the top

Nice views after you reach the crest, the trail mellows for a bit here.

After turning East to the upper portion of Mary's Trail things get a little more interesting.

There is some great singletrack before dropping down into Red Slot

I should have jumped in here. For some reason I wasn't sure if the trail went up on the shelf, or down in the bottom. It goes in the bottom. Normally I think people drive up this part..the route I took down to the left would be the preferred route up.

On to the video! This trail really had a lot of varied terrain and it kept things interesting. There are a few parts that should offer at least some challenge to most riders.


  1. TONY! Man that ride looked awesome! I could help but let out the "OHH YEAH" when you popped off that ledge at 10:55...

    Thanks again for showing us around down there and we look forward to riding with you again.

    Can't wait!


  2. Yea man! Thanks! I wish I would have popped of that first ledge time! If gas prices weren't so high I'd be down there a lot more right now.

  3. Nice! And "I am super serial".

  4. I watched the whole video, it's beautiful! Makes me want to go to Moab.

  5. Me too!! Why does gas have to cost so much!

  6. I don't know man, it just does. Thank goodness my car has good gas mileage though. I might go down like 2 weeks I think.

  7. Thanks for posting.
    I have done the Dead Cow Wash but found it a bit short to fill my day. Adding this will make it to a nice day!
    Thanks for the GPX!