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Jan 17, 2011

UFO Plastic Frame Guards, Honda CR 250

Here's a product that I decided to try after searching for a solution to a problem. I needed to cover some of the protruding edges on my frame. Any edge or non-smooth surface on the frame can catch your boot while riding and at the very least be an annoyance, or quite possibly cause a missed shift or delayed braking. I also recently became the proud owner of some new Sidi Crossfire boots that I want to keep functional and looking good as long as possible so I started to look at a few of the reasons my old boots wore out. I noticed that on my left boot the side that contacted the bike had a very distinct wear area. Some of the stitching was chewed through, and the rubber had been dug at by something. The culprit was a bolt head on the subframe that stuck out and I realized that I had actually wore the bolt head down a bit as well. I looked at aluminum frame guards, but they were quite expensive and didn't seem to cover the area that well. I then found the UFO Frame Guards for cheap on Ebay and thought I'd give them a try.

The UFO Plastic Frame Guards Fit really well and actually match the plastic cover on the engine very well. They go on with very little effort, but seem to be secure and snug. The best part is how they smooth out all the rough edges where the boot hits the frame. There is a possibility of mud/dirt getting behind them, but they sit out from the frame slightly so they won't rub too much and the stuff can be rinsed out from behind them after your ride. They also, of course, protect the frame from dings and scratches. If you ride rocky areas this can be a big plus to save your frame from gouges. They actually cover up a couple such gouges on my frame. I paid about 20 bucks for them, and they seem to do the job. I didn't like the idea of plastic at first, but then realized that the body panels are all plastic, so why not plastic frame guards? They are light and tough and should save wear on my boots, frame and eliminate annoying snags.


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