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Jan 31, 2011

Knolls Trip Report, Jan 28-30 2011

The conditions at Knolls this weekend were actually pretty good considering the time of year, as long as you stayed out of the mud. The temps stayed above freezing most of the time and there wasn't any snow on the ground. Saturday morning we woke up to thick frost, but it melted off by 9 or 10. We decided to go out on the race loop Saturday, but getting across the mud flat ended up being impossible for the little bikes. We spent at least 2 hours getting Brayden's bike out of the mud. When we got back to camp we were exhausted. Owen and I went on another ride while the rest stayed in the trailer to warm up and relax. Despite the problems with the mud, we all had a good time.

Some of the thickest frost I've seen! It looked like it was snowing when we woke up.

Even though Shelly's buggy does pretty well in the mud, it makes you pay! Poor Shelly and Hannah were covered head to toe. Glad we didn't have to push this thing out of the mud!

The impact of the mud on my bike was minimal. Had I not had to stop to help the boys out, I could have stayed clean.

After Brayden's bike got packed up with mud, there was no getting it moving again until we got out of the real sloppy stuff. Since he was new to using the manual clutch and new to the taller bike, he had the most problems.

Sunday we were able to get more riding in on some of the trails and hill climbs. Owen really liked some of the challenging hills twisting around the "knolls". I was really happy with the way my MX71 tire held up and hooked up in this type of terrain. Me and my bike were much happier on this stuff than the sand and mud.


  1. That's a great looking bunch of equipment you have there! Wow, looks like fun!