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Dec 19, 2010

Salt City Arenacross Dec 2010 Highlights

The Salt City Arenacross is something we've been looking into for a little while, mainly for a way for our boys to try racing if they chose. Owen expressed an interest after our last riding trip, so we signed him up and let him try it out! This event kind of made sense for us since it takes place in the winter time when riding is a little less desirable, so it would give us more time to participate without giving up our riding trips when the weather is nicer. The races take place in an arena, but since they have to open up the doors to evacuate the fumes it still does get quite cold in the arena. The track layout was really good, and it was prepared well also. Younger, less experienced riders such as Owen didn't have a hard time adapting to the track, but it was still really fun to watch the faster riders as they could take different lines and clear jumps some others couldn't. To have Owen be competitive it would still take a big time commitment, if he's willing to give it his best effort, we may end up spending more time there. This time was a good introduction, but he seemed a little lax about it..perhaps just first time jitters. He really did well regardless, and we're really proud of his results and efforts..he really loved doing it. Here's some highlight footage of the night. The event was really well organized and it was easy to sign up for a race. The arena is close to our home so it worked out well. For more info check out


  1. This Salt arenacross was SICK. Racing was awesome, and I enjoyed a lot of good stunts there :)