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Dec 28, 2010

Nail'd PS3 Video Game Review

It's hard to get out and ride this time of year. Nail'd is a new release from Techland aimed to get your off-road adrenaline flowing while sitting on your couch. The first thing I need to say about this game is that it makes little effort towards realism as far as the physics of riding a dirt bike or atv. If you know that up front, it makes it a little easier to enjoy this game. This game is much more like riding a dirt bike shaped rocket down a hill that can change directions with the same rocket speed and glide over obstacles when catching silly air all while having the ability to boost and change directions while in the air. If you've ever played Downhill Domination on the PS2, you'll have a very good idea of what this game is like. The main difference is that now you have power to go up hills and launch even further off the ridiculous landscape. The speed of this game is unreal, totally unreal, from the minute the race starts. It takes a bit to get use to, but once you realize how much control you have, it just becomes a matter of focusing and using your reaction time to get through the obstacles.

My favorite off road game that is currently available is Mx vs Atv Reflex. It just feels right, the way the bikes and other vehicles handle is good and they take speed and precision to control. The terrain also "feels" good, real, and it reacts as close to correct as any game I've seen. That being said, Mx vs Atv Reflex can be a challenge for younger players because they lack the focus and discipline to cut seconds off their lap times that is necessary to do well in the game, although the still love the game, mainly for the free riding and realism. My kids can actually play Nail'd as well as I can, and I think they really appreciated and enjoyed that. The graphics are good, and the worlds look amazing.

You start the game with an atv and a dirt bike, then you earn different parts such as engines, body, suspension, paint jobs, etc. to make the machines look and ride differently. This is fun and is a big part of the game, but earning them becomes a bit confusing when it doesn't specifically say what upgrade you've earned. To do this you need to go into the garage and look through everything that is now available.

A few races are based on your trick score, but the tricks are not your traditional style. The trick scores are accumulated through landing big jumps, popping wheelies, and getting through the gates that give you extra boost. The turbo boost feature quickly becomes a strategic part of the racing as you slowly regenerate it during the race but there are gates along the course that will recharge your boost gauge quicker.

You can find this game for around $40. If you're like me and already have all or most of the other off-road games made for the PS3, then it's probably worth $30 or $40, but if you don't already own Mx vs Atv Reflex, or Baja Edge Of Control, or Dirt, it would be a better idea to spend your money on those instead, and they can probably be picked up cheaper than $30.


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