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Oct 23, 2010

Dirt Biking At Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is a really fun place to ride. It is near Little Sahara Sand Dunes, but it's very different from the dunes. The Cherry Creek area is located South/West of Eureka on US-6 W towards Little Sahara at approximately 39.772947,-112.347672 on the gps(identified by the marker dot on the map below), although you can park and/or camp pretty much anywhere once you reach the area. The area reminded me a lot of 5-mile pass, but it is a much larger area with more trails. Click the "Directions" link on the map for detailed directions from your location or click the icon to the right if on your mobile, and open in mobile maps to navigate to Cherry Creek. This will get you to the area, the trails will branch in all directions from here.

Cherry Creek is a fun place to ride as a family, even with less experience riders. There is plenty of easy trails to ride and it's a place where you really don't have to plan a ride. You can set out and just randomly choose spurs if you wish and you'll find some fun riding. There is some really good single track here as well if you look around and/or view more of our Cherry Creek Trip Reports for examples and maps. The video below is a good example of what you'll find out there and what you'll find in our trip reports.


  1. That is better footage than I thought we would end up with. My fear was it was going to look the same as the view through my goggles! Thanks for the company and the good wet and cold ride! I am glad I didn't explode when starting my gas fire! hehehe

  2. Looks fun! Glad you had a good time.

  3. yea, I think the footage was surprisingly clear..especially after the roosting:) Wiping the lens off with my muddy glove was quite effective apparently. I also think it's good you didn't explode..kind of exciting to see the little flame on the tip of the nozzle!LOL. Good stuff.