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Aug 24, 2010

EnduroCross Round 2 Highlight Video, Results

Time for a little Endurocross action! Can anyone beat Taddy? Every time it looks as if it's going to happen he rises to occasion it seems. I thought for sure he was going for a dirt nap in this round off the bigger gap jump. The Erzberg champion can definitely ride the rough stuff. This track was a little more moto-cross like, and Brown seemed to have an edge. Here's a video recap.

Round 2 AMA Geico Powersports Endurocross Series
EX PRO Feature Event

Finish Name
1 Taddy Blazusiak
2 Geoff Aaron
3 Justin Soule
4 Cody Webb
5 Cory Graffunder
6 Kevin Rookstool
7 Colton Haaker
8 Gary Sutherlin
9 Ricky Dietrich
10 Kyle Redmond
11 Mike Brown
12 Jamie Lanza
13 Wallace Palmer
14 Jacob Argubright
15 Bobby Garrison
16 Matt Oppen
17 Rory Sullivan
18 Matt Crouch
19 Ryan Rodgers
20 Dylan Murdock

Season Standings
Points Standings, EX Pro
Name Points
Taddy Blazusiak 60
Geoff Aaron 50
Justin Soule 37
Cory Graffunder 37
Cody Webb 29
Mike Brown 28
Gary Sutherlin 28
Kyle Redmond 25
Kevin Rookstool 25
Jamie Lanza 22
Colton Haaker 14
Jacob Argubright14
Rory Sullivan 12
Destry Abbott 12
Ricky Dietrich 12
Ryan Dudek 9
Wallace Palmer 8
Matt Oppen 8
Bobby Garrison 6
Ryan Rodgers 6
Ronald Commo 6
Corey Floyd 5
Matt Crouch 3
Dylan Murdock 1

Here's a teaser for round 3!


  1. Cool. I was just thinking about this 15 year old kid today that raced in the mountain bike race series I did and his last race he decided to do the Pro class and finished 3rd place! Before that, he's been winning the age 19-29 Expert men class all season. Five minutes ahead of the 2nd guy every time! Nobody's ever seen that happen before.

  2. haven't commented for a spell>>>hear you might be going to wyoming for a motorcycle trip

  3. yep, just outside of mtn view WY. Heading up Thursday evening, coming home Monday.