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Jul 14, 2010

ASI Performance Dirt Bike Radiators And Silicone Hoses

When I took my little spill in the dunes a couple weeks ago my right radiator was damaged and started to leak. My right side had been damaged before and was a little out of wack to begin with, so I decided to look into purchasing a new one to replace it. The major leak was at the base of one of the hose fittings, it was also leaking around one of the fins. I first looked at an OEM replacement for just the right side. The cost for one was $150, a little steep, but doable. I then looked at aftermarket radiators. I found that the price was going to range from about $190 for a pair to over $300. One would cost about the same as the OEM, but have higher capacity and tig welded construction. I finally settled on a pair of radiators made by ASI Performance. The cost for the pair was $190 with free shipping, and within days of placing the order I had them on my doorstep. I also purchased a set of silicone radiator hoses made by the same company. These are also tig welded and the fins are bigger allowing for increased water/cooling capacity. They are a bit heavier, but not by much. I very rarely overheated before, so I wasn't looking for much more capacity, but this little bit seemed about right for me. These things are definitely beefier than stock and will hold up much better.

They came with a new pressure cap as well and the neck is way beefy and the cap fits really good and tight. The hoses are thicker than stock and come with a one piece section for the main hose which replaces 3. This makes leaking less likely and increases flow by eliminating the t-fitting. Again, I've seen more expensive hose sets, such as the CV4 that range up to around $230. The choice was easy when they didn't have mine available, but at $54 the ASI set looks very similar and the reviews have been good. They come in a variety of colors, but I chose black so the wouldn't look dirty as soon as I put them on my bike. I had to trim two of the hoses slightly, but you may chose not to as it probably was not necessary. Everything fit really well and went together just as the stock stuff did. The bike pictured is a 2001 CR250, but I was really blown away at the selection available for a wide variety of bikes. Unless you race and/or need something much better than stock for whatever, these are beyond what you'll need and the price is right.

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  1. Had a friend of mine that was complaining that he was having a hard time finding a radiator that worked decently for his bike. I'll send him this article and hopefulyl it'll meet his needs. Thanks for sharing this with us!