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Jun 16, 2010

Perry Mountain 24 Hour Challenge Results Summary

It's been over a week since this event took place, but I didn't want to leave everyone hanging. It looks as if there was a pretty good turnout judging on all the info I was able to dig up. There were 149 entrants spread into 13 classes. The course was 12.0 miles long of wooded trails, fields, fire roads and creek beds. The top team completed 49 laps or 588 miles in just over 23 hours. The winner is decided first by total laps completed, then by the best time they completed them. The last lap is recorded the first time they cross the finish line after the 23 hour mark, at which point the clock stops for that team or individual. There was a pretty significant storm in the area that caused a rain delay for 3 to 4 hours. Not only does this race combine a lot of different terrain, but also many different types of riders and different bikes all with varied strengths and weaknesses on that terrain. Here's a summary of some of the top times during the event.

The winning Ironman, or solo rider was Michael Goodman with an impressive 34 laps in 23:07:29.438 in the Open Ironman Class. Shortly behind him in the 250 Ironman Class was Steve Gordon also with 34 laps and slightly longer time of 23:08:42.349. These two riders actually finished in front of many teams in 38th and 39th place respectively.

The largest class was the DUO Class with 33 entrants.

Here's a short video clip from the mx track portion of the course. It's good to see some 2-strokes out front!


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