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Jun 3, 2010

Perry Mountain 24 Hour Challenge

The Perry Mountain 24 Hour Challenge is an event that I had never heard of until I saw the dvd at wal-mart and picked it up. The event is set to go again this weekend in Maplesville Alabama. It's a 24 hour race where teams of up to six people race around the clock for 24 hours. The trail varies in length slightly from year to year. This year the loop is 10 miles of wooded trails, fields, fire roads and creek beds. Each team is only allowed one bike to use for the entire race, so the bike must be built to last and it must be built to suit the different riding styles of each rider of the team. Most teams will run their fastest rider as much as possible and at the critical moments of the race to make the most of the team and get the most laps possible. There are those that tackle the event solo. These are called "Ironpeople" and are in a separate class. The race starts Saturday at 10:00 am and of course goes until Sunday at 10:00 am. This was really a fun event to watch and thought it was worth sharing. "Ironpeople" do sleep during the event as do members of teams, but of course you do everything with strategy in mind. For solo riders it becomes necessary and the bike gets a rest as well. For teams, the bike runs continuously while different team members sit out. The winner is the individual or team in each class that puts on the most distance during the 24 hour time period.



  1. Just like 24 hour mountain bike races, some riders like to do solo and some like to do it as a team. Those races are getting popular and I don't see myself doing one of those in the future though. Looks hard to me. If I were doing it though, I would do it in a team. Like in a 12 hour race, I can be in a team of 4 and we each would ride 3 hours and I can probably manage that.

  2. I am afraid of mountain bike races. My friend injured in this race last year.