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Jun 4, 2010

Motion Pro Lite Loc Dirt Bike Rim Lock

A rim lock on a dirt bike does much the same thing as a bead lock would do on a 4x4. It holds the tire in place on the rim so it doesn't slide forward or back when throttle or brake is applied. While on a 4x4 or rock buggy, the main purpose of a bead lock is to prevent the tire from coming off the bead and losing all it's pressure when the pressure is lowered for off road use. The rim lock prevents damage to the tube by not allowing the tire to slide and damage the valve stem. It also allows you to run lower pressure than you would be able to otherwise to change the off road characteristics and capabilities. When the pressure is higher, the holding strength of the tire is more and a locking mechanism becomes less important. Braking can also become a problem if the tire slips, so there is normally a rim lock on the front tire as well. Often, a stock rim lock can fail and/or break. The MOTION PRO MP ALLOY RIM LOCK is one option if this happens. It is a cheaper alternative to the LITE LOC, and for most should be sufficient. The Lite Loc, however is lighter as the name implies, but also claims to have more holding strength. They are made from a high strength nylon composite making them super light and impact resistant. Testing shows these rim locks are 10 to 20 percent stronger and more impact resistant than cast aluminum rim lock, and only half the weight. The nuts are also really good looking and have a beveled washer that fits perfectly on the rim instead of that old stock lock washer that never looked or fit right. They come in different sizes so make sure to get the one you need. My rear lock was the 2.15". The fronts are narrower.

My stock rim lock started to slip so I took a look and discovered that a little piece was missing and the edges didn't have the bite they use to. To install the new one the tire and tube must be removed, so it's easiest to wait till you either need a new tire and/or tube, but it's not all that hard either way.

The new rim lock looks great and performed really well too. After 4 days in Moab during hard breaking and acceleration in the rocks, hardpack, sand etc. it didn't slip at all. It's definitely worth a look to make sure your tire and wheel combo perform like they should.


  1. The Rim CombiTM works WITH your existing lock so no. need to buy a ... can 'lock them out' simply by changing the code.

  2. The new rim lock is simply rocking,it performs really well.