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Jun 20, 2010

Millville Canyon Dirt Bike Ride, Near Logan Utah

The Millville/Providence area has been a favorite of ours for quite a while. Normally however we take Providence canyon in the crawler and tent camp towards the top of the canyon. This time, I decided to take the bike from the bottom of Millville and ride the trails available here. The plan was to head up Millville canyon and link a few trails into a large loop ride. Unfortunately, the first trail I chose was closed to motorized vehicles(I could swear it wasn't before) and the road over the top was still pretty much impassable because of the snow. After battling the snow drifts for a while it became obvious it just wasn't going to be worth it to proceed much further, so I turned back to ride up another spur that I had done in the past. The spur turned out to be really fun. It takes off from the main road about halfway up Millville Canyon. It is wide enough for a jeep, but just barely. Click the video links on the map to view video clips from each area. There are camping spots within Millville Canyon should you choose to camp. Even the main road offers some good riding. It is relatively narrow, rocky, and offers some exciting terrain changes. The route on the map can be done in a couple hours, and there is more to discover if you want more.

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Route GPS data.
41.668304, -111.806188 (parking area)
41.656722, -111.764967 (spur to trail)
41.637513, -111.729283 (dead end)
41.658079, -111.745166 (Leatham Hollow Trailhead, non-motorized trail)
41.673008, -111.707375 (Spur to Overlook)
41.669754, -111.706710 (Overlook)


  1. I like your map/video thing. Looks like a fun trail. Maybe you should video some trails in Ephraim Canyon.

  2. Thanks.., I think I should too.

  3. Very well put together. Thanks for the heads up I'll have to try to make it to one of these this summer.