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Jun 17, 2010

Dirt Biking Bountiful Canyon, Video

I don't post every trail ride I go on, but I do like to record as much as I can. Today was a good day for a ride and I took my camera with me to get some video footage of the upper trail and a little beyond.It's seems fitting to post up some of the footage I took today. The trail was much slicker today than earlier in the week because of the recent rain we've had. This made keeping traction and momentum much harder. The weather today, however was spectacular. The temps are still a little cool up on top and there are some big snow drifts still hanging on, but it really was a great day to get out and ride. After taking the trails up to the top and meeting up with the dirt road, I found a little road over a pipeline heading off to the North. I knew the trip back up would be a little tricky with the wet rock, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be and it was a fun side trip that I hadn't seen before. It was a nice break from the tighter trail I'd just climbed. It seemed to pay to ride a gear higher through some of the slicker steep stuff and not throttle too hard as it was hard to keep the rear hooking up and under me, but some other places allowed me to open it up a bit more.


  1. Cool video. Is that trail at first especially for dirt bikes?

  2. Thanks. There are no signs or anything, anything under 50" can go on it. I see 4 wheelers on it, side by sides, dirt bikes etc. They have downhill mountain bike races on it sometimes too, but most of them are on the lower part.