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Jun 14, 2010

Bountiful Canyon, Upper and Lower Loop Trails.

The Bountiful Canyon Trail system is the best option for me for a quick ride to keep conditioned and/or relieve stress from a long day at work. There is a lower loop type trail and an upper, also known as Tuttle's Loop. The upper trail was still a bit wet, but much better than the silt I've seen in the past on the upper climb portion. Total mileage today was just over 27 miles and I averaged 18 mph. Starting elevation was 5,138 feet. The highest elevation I recorded was 8,218 feet. I didn't see any snow along the route, but there was a lot of water on the upper trail. It wasn't muddy or slick really, just wet with actual running water on many portions. Below is a map of my route recorded on my Garmin E-trex Venture HC. Also check out the video below. Most is of the upper section including some of the "pipeline trail". These can be combined with the Bountiful Singletrack Trail, by continuing South along Skyline Drive from the top of the upper loop for a few miles. The trailhead to the singletrack is identified by a trial icon on the map.(scroll down on the map)Click "Directions" to get directions from your location powered by google maps.

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Total Mileage: Approx 27 miles with all options
Difficulty: Intermediate, rocky with a few challenging parts
Elevation: 5,138' to 8,218

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  1. Wow, awesome. Like nothing we have here in the UK!

  2. Amazing, thanks for sharing! I would love to do something like that someday.