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May 19, 2010

Supercross Ends, Motocross Begins

Now that Ryan Dungey has wrapped up his winning season and put an exclamation point on it by winning the final round in Las Vegas, it's time to move out of the stadiums and onto the bigger more rural outdoor tracks of Motocross. Officially known as the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, most just refer to it as "The Nationals". You don't have to wait long as the first stop is "Hangtown", near Sacramento California this weekend, May 22nd! Many of the well known Supercross riders we have just finished watching will cross over and compete in Motocross as well. Last years winner Chad Reed will race again this year to try to defend his title after a disappointing Supercross season having to sit out most of it because of an injury he sustained early on. I think it's fair to say that a lot of the best supercross riders will also be the ones to watch on the Motocross tracks, but most riders have a hard time being totally dominant in both and will tend have a more of a niche in one or the other. While much of the terrain on a motocross track consists of natural terrain, it isn't always enough to make an amazing course. For that reason the natural terrain is improved upon with man made features such as jumps, berms, whoops etc. The natural terrain allows the tracks to have much larger features however with bigger hill climbs, wider turns, and bigger jumps. Since it does tend to be in more rural areas and is more spread out, it becomes harder to watch as a spectator. Luckily for us, there's usually great coverage of the events. Attending a motocross is still a very unique and fun experience that some can not get enough of. Below is a list of some of the top riders scheduled to compete this year.

  • Ryan Dungey Team Suzuki, #5, Winner of 250MX title last year, and winner of 2010 450 Supercross.
  • Chad Reed Defending 450 Motocross Champion.
  • Mike Alessi Riding the new KTM 350. (this should be interesting!)
  • Jake Weimer Western Lites Supercross Champ. His last year on the 250's, should be one to watch.
  • Christophe Pourcel Eastern Lites Supercross Champ. Also last year on 250's.
  • Justin Barcia Young rider, fun to watch, lets it all hang out.

Here's a short video preview!

Click here for Full TV Listings. The first race will be aired this weekend, May 23rd on SPEED, 6pm EST. Unfortunately, there is not a stop in Utah, so we'll be catching all the action on SPEED, with most everyone else.

Finally, here's a list of last years winners.

2009 Final 450 Points

Chad Reed - 481
Andrew Short - 388
Ivan Tedesco - 376
Michael Byrne - 348
Thomas Hahn - 302
Josh Grant - 280
Justin Brayton - 249
Nick Wey - 200
Cody Cooper - 191
J Albertson - 185
Davi Millsaps - 175
Matt Goerke - 154
M Alessi - 142
Ricky Dietrich - 136
Jake Moss - 127
Kyle Regal - 107
Tyler Bowers - 102
A Balbi - 94
Jeff Alessi - 88
Tim Ferry - 87

2009 Final 250 Points

Ryan Dungey - 503
C Pourcel - 492
Brett Metcalfe - 378
Jake Weimer - 353
Justin Barcia - 340
Tommy Searle - 332
Broc Tickle - 285
Blake Wharton - 273
Tyla Rattray - 236
Matt Lemoine - 189
K Cunningham - 186
Darryn Durham - 150
Trey Canard - 139
Steven Clarke - 126
Ben Evans - 126
PJ Larsen - 121
A Stroupe - 120
Max Anstie - 107
Wil Hahn - 104
Alex Martin - 100


  1. That is smokin' hot! Thanks for the video!

  2. Awesome blog! Looks like Dungey has made the Outdoors as exciting as he made SX! No hate, he's the man, can't wait for some big names to come back next year though.

  3. Thanks! I agree. Nobody can beat him now, more competition would be entertaining.