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May 18, 2010

Boys On Bikes, Caineville & Jordan River OHV Park

Last weekend we did a little day trip with some friends we met at Supercross to Jordan River OHV Park. I took much more footage than is shown in this clip, but I had to compile this for a talent night for the boys so I thought I'd throw it up. The Jordan River stuff is towards the end. I know the beginning is a little of a repeat for some, but it's still a fun clip to watch.


  1. That's a cool video. I heard that one of the boys are looking into motocross racing, is that right? I assume it's Brayden. I bet he would be good at it. He's had a lot practice though.

  2. Thanks. Actually, Owen is the one that kind of wants to race. Brayden doesn't really have any interest in it, even though he loves to ride and he's really good at it.

  3. That's cool. Owen is good too. Let me know when he will be racing.