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Apr 13, 2010

2010 Houston AMA Supercross Results

As Supercross inches ever closer to Salt Lake City and the finale in Vegas the action continues! It was a bit of a homecoming for Kevin Windham as he had nearly 50 close Family and friends in attendance as well as a huge fan base supporting him. Windham claimed that his kids were no longer satisfied with him simply riding well, but they wanted a win! Windham rode extremely well showing why he is a champion. It was Ryan Villopoto however that came out smoking in the main. He got the holeshot and never looked back. What pumped him up even more, was the fact that the points leader, Ryan Dungey, was not having a good day. Dungey made a couple potentially very costly errors, but managed to minimize the impact by finishing strong. He got behind Hill early on and was not able to pass until Ivan Tedesco got around both of them. Hill has been healthy lately and was just racing, but it really seemed to frustrate Dungey who later stalled his bike and let a number of other riders pass him including Chad Reed in his first race back from his injury. A teammate of Villopoto, Reed was able to make an impact by taking 2 points away from Dungey! The points lead is now a mere 12 points heading into the next stop! Villopoto told everyone after the race that what looked like a glimmer of hope, is now a little bit bigger light at the end of the tunnel. The season is definitely not over and the next few races should be really exciting! If Villopoto can continue this streak, the finale in Vegas will be epic. RV said it himself, “It’s gonna come down to the end.”

Perhaps some of the biggest news of the night was in the Eastern Lites points race as Christophe Pourcel took advantage of a season-ending injury to Austin Stroupe to claim his second Supercross Lites championship with a victory in Houston. The Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider now leads Justin Barcia 159-122, an insurmountable difference with only one round remaining. Suzuki rider Blake Baggett was second on the night with Barcia in tow on the GEICO Honda.

Supercross Results:
1. Ryan Villopoto, Kawasaki
2. Kevin Windham, Honda
3. Ivan Tedesco, Yamaha
4. Chad Reed, Kawasaki
5. Ryan Dungey, Suzuki
6. Tommy Hahn, Suzuki
7. Davi Millsaps, Honda
8. Andrew Short, Honda
9. Justin Brayton, Yamaha
10. Josh Hill, Yamaha
11. Nick Wey, Kawasaki
12. Manuel Riveras, Kawasaki
13. Kyle Chishol, Yamaha
14. Michael Byrne, Yamaha
15. Matt Boni, Honda
16. Kyle Regal, Yamaha
17. Josh Demuth, KTM
18. Jason Thomas, Suzuki
19. Chris Blose, Honda
20. Jason Lawrence, Yamaha

Supercross Overall Standings:
1. Ryan Dungey, 277
2. Ryan Villopoto, 265
3. Josh Hill, 217
4. Davi Millsaps, 203
5. Kevin Windham, 201
6. Ivan Tedesco, 179
7. Justin Brayton, 176
8. Nick Wey, 141
9. Tommy Hahn, 128
10. Kyle Chisholm, 123

Supercross Lites Results:
1. Christophe Pourcel, Kawasaki
2. Blake Baggett, Suzuki
3. Justin Barcia, Honda
4. Brett Metcalfe, Honda
5. Martin Davalos, Yamaha
6. Kyle Cunningham, Yamaha
7. Ryan Sipes, Yamaha
8. James Decotis, Honda
9. Dean Wilson, Kawasaki
10. Troy Adams, Suzuki
11. Justin Sipes, Kawasaki
12. Michael Willard, Honda
13. Kyle Keylon, Suzuki
14. Steven Clarke, Suzuki
15. Adam Chatfield, Kawasaki
16. Matt Lemoine, Suzuki
17. Vince Friese, Yamaha
18. Sean Lipanovich, Honda
19. Kyle Gills, Kawasaki
20. Topher Ingalls, Yamaha

Supercross Lites Overall Standings:
1. Christophe Pourcel, 159
2. Austin Stroupe, 126
3. Justin Barcia, 122
4. Brett Metcalfe, 113
5. Blake Baggett, 102
6. Ryan Sipes, 91
7. Dean Wilson, 83
8. Kyle Cunningham, 69
9. Martin Davalos, 65
10. Troy Adams, 58


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