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Mar 9, 2010

Reader's Rave, Dirt Bike Sequence Shot

A good friend of mine in the blogoshpere and a regular reader of this site sent in this sweet sequence shot of a quarter pipe jump! I'm not sure who the rider is, but there's a Metal Mulisha butt patch on the last shot in the sequence. It's definitely a killer shot and our thanks go out to MR. Motorcycle who sent this in! Be sure to check out his blog when you get a chance at He rides a Harley, that you'll want to check out and the blog is really well put together. He's got a ton of regular readers so he must be doing something right, and I always enjoy reading his posts. It has a good blend of comedy, cool factor, and useful information.
Thanks again Mark!


  1. that is a neat picture>>>>i can't{won't} put pictures on blogs, but i do appreciate people who do put pictures on blogs

  2. Great Insight, Thanx for sharing such a useful information.

  3. Thanks for the plug! It was most certainly not necessary, but thanks anyway. I just thought of you right away when I saw this one. You've always got cool MotoCross Pics on your blog. Diggin it.

  4. Thanks, of course, I know it wasn't necessary, but I really do dig your stuff and do appreciate the gesture...where do you find all the stuff on your blog? Trade secret??:) I really liked the one about tools in the garage.