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Mar 24, 2010

"Knolls Knockout" Race Course Map/Video

The Knolls Knockout race takes place at Knolls Off Road Recreation Area. Dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, side by sides etc. can take part. The entire loop actually consists of two loops in a way, that are combined into one for the race loop. The longer of the 2 goes west and alternates between whoops and mud flats for approx. 16-18 miles. The second loop goes South at the base of the Knolls and returns along the top to make up the remaining 10-12 miles for a total of 28 miles for the entire loop. Depending on the class raced, 1 to 3 laps are completed for a total of 84 miles for the higher classes. The race is put on annually by the Utah Desert Foxes. The loop really makes a great course. The whoops add a level of technical difficulty and test the riders endurance and technique. The wide open mud flats create areas to run flat out, and the technical ridge trails offer another and welcome aspect that test other skills. During our last trip to Knolls, I rode almost entirely on this course, focusing on some parts more than others, riding in both directions, with sections of sprinting, endurance etc. It's a great place to practice some of those skills and have some fun. For those that have been to Knolls, you'll be able to identify where the loop starts from the satellite map. It starts at the large parking area among the dunes and heads North, then West. If you've never been to Knolls, head West out I-80 towards Wendover for approx 1 hr 45 minutes, until you see the Knolls exit signs(Exit 41). Head South across the Railroad tracks to enter the park, then look for the large parking areas to the West. There are bathrooms in the area and the roads have been improved.

Here's a short video that I posted earlier that I took while riding portions of the race loop. Incidentally, I was actually knocked out for a short time after I bit it in the sand..kind of suits the name of the course I suppose. You'll see that footage in here as well. Check it out.


  1. Cool man, looks like a fun place to ride.

  2. It is really a great place to motor cross and your video is great.