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Mar 7, 2010

Daytona Supercross 2010, Villopoto Dominates Round 9

Daytona was the roughest track of the season. Designed by Ricky Charmichael again this year, it really took advantage of the infield of Daytona Speedway with some long fast straights that were strewn with bumps and nasties. The lap times were over a minute making the riders work extra hard. Villopoto said before the race that he would at least make up 3 points on someone tonight and he definitely did getting the hole shot and never looking back finishing way ahead of the pack. Dungey finished second and maintained his controlling points lead as Dungey and Villopoto distance themselves from the other riders on the season. Unfortunately for Villopoto he wasn't able to make up any more points than the promised 3, but every little bit will count if he expects to catch Dungey. Trey Conard of Honda was surprising again tonight coming away with a 3rd place finish! Chad Reed turned in some impressive lap times at practice, but decided to sit this one out again saying that he really didn't have anything to gain by racing tonight. As a former winner at Daytona, he was itching to get back out and race, but perhaps he was right in taking some extra time to heal. Andrew Short was also at Daytona signing autographs and such for Honda. Next week the gates will drop in Toronto, Ontario, then 5 weeks before Salt Lake City! Even though we started the season pulling for Dungey(and still are), it would be fun to see a tight points race in Salt Lake, and the shootout in Vegas the following week. If one thing is for sure, anything can happen!

Supercross Results:
1. Ryan Villopoto, Kawasaki
2. Ryan Dungey, Suzuki
3. Trey Canard, Honda
4. Kevin Windham, Honda
5. Davi Millsaps, Honda
6. Tommy Hahn, Suzuki
7. Nick Wey, Kawasaki
8. Kyle Chisholm, Yamaha
9. Josh Hill, Yamaha
10. Ryan Morais, Suzuki
11. Jared Browne, Kawasaki
12. Michael Byrne, Yamaha
13. Matt Boni, Honda
14. Jason Thomas, Suzuki
15. Manual Rivas, Kawasaki
16. Heath Voss, Honda
17. Chris Blose, Honda
18. Justin Brayton, Yamaha
19. Ivan Tedesco, Yamaha
20. Grant Langston, Yamaha

Supercross Overall Standings:
1. Ryan Dungey, 192
2. Ryan Villopoto, 172
3. Josh Hill, 162
4. Davi Millsaps, 150
5. Kevin Windham, 131
6. Justin Brayton, 124
7. Ivan Tedesco, 117
8. Nick Wey, 99
9. Kyle Chisholm, 82
10. Michael Byrne, 80


  1. Wow! that race track looks scary, I hope everyone was safe. But ofcourse for the rider, I bet they really enjoyed it. I totally agree with you that it's nice to watch a tight race.

  2. Your blog keeps getting better and better! keep it up!

  3. Congrats to all the winners. That was a great event. I really love to see that.