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Feb 8, 2010

Revo 3,3 Custom Truggy VS Slash VXL Brushless

One of the problems that I was having with my gas powered Revo 3.3 was that the body wasn't holding up very well, especially in the back. I considered a few different options including a full roll cage that can range from $25 for a steel one to $130 for an aluminum one. These cages replace the body and look really cool, but the aluminum ones are pricey and the steel ones are heavy. A new body is about $25, but then I'd end up with the same problems. I like the "truggy" look, half buggy half truck, so I decided to try turning it to one to fix the problem, but keep it light for zero cost. I used 1/8" diamond tread that I cut out after using paper to make a template, then bent it to fit. I used screws to attach it to the body. It's nearly as light as it was before and much stronger. It also protects the motor it looks really cool. My son has a 1/16 scale slash VXL with an electric brushless motor. Check out the video of the showdown under the photos. The slash gets off the line FAST and is easier to keep level in the air, but the gas one has bigger meats and will outrun this slash once it gets going or when traction is at a minimum. They are both 4 wheel drive, while the gas one will run endlessly as long as you keep filling it with gas you'll need to wait around 8 hours for both batteries to charge on the slash. The batteries are hooked up in parallel, but can be connected in series to double the power!


  1. You are gonna have to get it fixed for this weekend or you are going to have to forfeit. I don't want you to forfeit on our race because my hummer will still kick you butt!

  2. Hey man, it's ready to rip! I'm gunna bury you! LOL:)