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Feb 17, 2010


After you watch this video, you WILL want one of these!

Is the 350 the perfect blend between the lack luster power of the 250 and the 450 brute? The goal of the bike is to have that blend, doing everything really well, but perhaps not focus too much on any one thing. Lightweight, smooth, and tractable power and enough of it to win races, while still being fun to ride? Having already won a race in the 450 MX1 division, it has proven it can be done. Could this be the beginning of the end of the 450? Will it dominate smaller and larger bikes? While I doubt it will ultimately phase out the 450, there's no doubt that this bike will get some attention!


  1. AFTERF WATHCING that vidio, i want one of those in every room of the house>>>>>>.let's see that would be 11, if you include the three bathrooms

  2. Sweet video, sweet bike!

  3. Wow, that was BORING!

  4. KTM really knows how to set the world of motorcycling (and cars - hows the xbow?) alight. They are alos working on a race ready electric dirtbike that is due to be released within the next year and a bit.

    I like the concept of the 350 for racing, but being a big lad who rides dirtbikes I need something with grunt to carry my frame around. My current ride is a Husky 576cc and I love the torque.