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Feb 15, 2010

Little Moab/Nutty Putty Cave Feb 2010

Those who know us, know how much we enjoy going out to Little Moab. The riding isn't the best, the scenery isn't the best either, but it's close to home, open to all kinds of activities, and it's one of the few places to go this time of year within a reasonable distance to find dry dirt and mild temps. For a weekend in February, we really couldn't have asked for much better conditions. It's a great place to kick back and ride with the kids as well. There was still snow on the North facing slopes and a fair bit of mud, yet we were still able to find a nice dry area for our camp and a good number of trails dry enough to ride on. One of the things we really wanted to do while we were out there was to re-visit the Nutty Putty cave now that it has been sealed due to the fatality there during Thanksgiving 2009. We were glad to see that you can still see the location of the cave and there is a small memorial there for the young man that lost his life in the cave. The Little Moab area is a nice break from the real world where you can kind of let yourself go and enjoy some family time in the out of doors. We even had an RC vehicle race on a small course we set up. The race was Brayden's idea and it turned out to be a lot of fun. When asked what the trip favorites were around the camp fire, answers included the dirt bike obstacle course, rockets, hiking, RC race, walking with the dogs, scary camp fire stories and more! Check out this slide show of the remainder of our pictures from the trip.


  1. crazy peolpople go to little moab and wear their coats

  2. Little Moab!!! love it. wear their coats? and their crazy lol

  3. What is that spandex speed bump doing in the campground roasting a hot dog? LOL! Oh yeah, that's me. Thanks for the trip, it was fun.