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Feb 9, 2010

Dungey Has Another Off Night, Hill Inches Closer

After three straight podium finishes to start the season, it looked as if Dungey(#5) could run away with the season, but has crashed twice in his last two main events leaving the door wide open. Ryan DungeyDavi Milssaps took the round five win this week in San Diego on his Honda, but it's Josh Hill who is nipping at the heals of Dungey with only a 4 point deficit! Villopoto had a rough start, but still managed a 4th place finish on his Kawasaki to make him 3rd in the overall points race. Dungey still leads, but it's so close at this point that it's any one's game. With Reed and Stewart out, it really makes for some exciting action and brings the talent of some of the other riders to the forefront. It's really shaping up to be an exciting season!

Supercross Results:
1. Davi Millsaps, Honda
2. Josh Hill, Yamaha
3. Ivan Tedesco, Yamaha
4. Ryan Villopoto, Kawasaki
5. Justin Brayton, Yamaha
6. Ryan Dungey, Suzuki
7. Tommy Hahn, Suzuki
8. Grant Langston, Yamaha
9. Nick Wey, Kawasaki
10. Kyle Chisholm, Yamaha
11. Chris Blose, Honda
12. Fabien Izoird, Kawasaki
13. Dan Reardon, Yamaha
14. Michael Byrne, Yamaha
15. Bobby Bonds, Kawasaki
16. Kevin Windham, Honda
17. Cyrille Coulon, Kawasaki
18. Jason Thomas, Suzuki
19. Kyle Partride, Kawasaki
20. Andrew Short, Honda

Overall Point Standings:
1. Ryan Dungey, 105
2. Josh Hill, 101
3. Ryan Villopoto, 95
4. Davi Millsaps, 82
5. Ivan Tedesco, 77
6. Justin Brayton, 72
7. Andrew Short, 69
8. Kevin Windham, 66
9. Tommy Hahn, 56
10. James Stewart, 51


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