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Jan 7, 2010

How To Change a Dirt Bike Tire, Easy? "Dunlop Method"

I absolutely do not look forward to changing tires on our dirt bikes. It takes a lot of strength and I usually end up bending over, changing the tire on the ground. Below is a video I came across that makes it look way easier than it is. Some of the things here are things I've always believed in doing, such as putting the tube in the new tire first with a little air. Other things however, are a little new to me and will be good tips for the future.

Start by removing the valve core completely to make sure all the air is out of the tube, then loosen the rim lock nut until it's held on by only a couple threads. Break the bead by either stepping on it as shown, or some other method, a stand would make this easier. With the bead broken, begin to work around with the tire with at least 2 tire irons, use the disc to hold them in place while you reposition the next one. More tire irons will make this easier. Once the old tire is off, re-install the valve core and put a bit of air into the tube, just so it holds it's shape and put the tube into the new tire. Push the valve through the hole in the rim and put the nut on a little ways to keep it inline as you start to work the new tire on the rim. Apply a tire paste to the bead or a 50/50 mix of dish soap and water to make it slide on easier. A bit of baby powder in the new tire will keep the tire and tube from chafing too much and wearing the tube. Work the tire on with the tire irons being careful not to pinch the tube between the tire iron and the rim. The closer you get to getting it all the way on, the harder this will become. Make sure that the bead is in the deepest part of the rim on the opposite side you are prying to allow it enough room to slip over the rim. Fill it up with enough air to pop the tire back on the bead. Tighten the rim lock, and set your tire pressure between 12-14 pounds for most use.

The video below shows the "Dunlop Method". The real benefit that I can see this guy had was the tools he had his disposal, mainly the tire changing stand so he doesn't have to bend over and kneel on the dirt,(also giving him better leverage) the very large spoons to pry with, and the little "bead buddy" he used towards the end. If you don't have a stand, you can use either the new tire or the old one(depending on which one you are working with) as a sort of mini stand so your not laying the rim right on the ground. Also, he says to start with the sprocket side up, not sure why yet..., but this method seems to work very well. After seeing this video there are 3 things on my list: Make a tire changing stand, get longer tire spoons, and get a bead buddy! Enjoy!


  1. Great advice on changing a tire. I bet this would also work on my regular bike tire. Thanks!

  2. The video is very useful, I tried the tips & it proves to be very helpful

  3. Thanks for sharing this technique of changing bike tire.

    I used to take my regular bike to the garage for changing tire. But after reading this post i feel its so easy & i tried on my bike & I had done it so easily.

    Now every time i will change the tire myself & save my dollars.

    Thanks dude this is only because of you.:)

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  4. Good technique. I am sure this will some much time and energy.

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