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Dec 31, 2009

Travis Pastrana Red Bull No Limits Spy Pics!

Well, he sure looks confident. Here travis shows his signature thumbs up before he goes and attempts something really stupid. His crash during practice showed that this will be anything but routine. You can't help but love the guy's attitude though. After rolling his Red Bull Rally car on the faulty landing, he commented, “On a positive note, I’m still kind of inline with what would have not been the water.” On a previous stunt jumping a dirt bike into the grand canyon and waiting too long to pull the chute he said something to the effect of "when things decided to go bad, they went really well". The chute opened just seconds before he hit the ground making for a tenuous moment to say the least! You can be sure that he will be prepared however. His carefree attitude that appears on the surface hides the long hours of preparation. Tonight he attempts to break the record of the longest rally car jump in history by jumping over the bay and onto a barge. The Red Bull New Year No Limits will air live on ESPN and ESPN HD at 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Here's some pics of some recent practice jumps. “On New Year’s Eve, A Car Will Fly!”