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Oct 14, 2009

Dirt Biking Ten Mile Canyon, Near Moab Utah

Among the many trails near White Wash Sand Dunes, Ten Mile Canyon is the one that I hadn't done that I've wanted to do the most. We've started down this trail a couple times with the rock buggy, but it quickly narrows to the point where trail damage would occur in order for us to continue, making it impossible for a bigger rig to navigate. This trail starts at dripping spring and ends at the Green River. The green line on the map below is roughly how far you can get before it narrows. The trail consists of sand, slickrock, and wash bottom, but be prepared for a lot of sand! This time down the sand was very soft and deep. The sand really started to wear on us by the time we started to head back up the wash, but it was incredibly fun nonetheless. A 2 gallon tank is really pushing it to finish the trail from White Wash Dunes, and a 3 gallon is a safe bet. Earlier in the year, you'll tend to find more water in the wash and possibly better sand conditions. The trail starts with primarily soft sand and has a fun slickrock section towards the middle requiring some technical riding, then turns to a more solid greener wash bottom as it nears the river. Towards the end we had to pick our way through the brush in order to reach the river since the wash turned to thick mud. The route is shown on the map in bright red. We like to set up base camp at White Wash and do the trail from there, but the trailhead can be accessed from a few different directions. Click for directions to White Wash Dunes, or click the "Directions" link on the map below for the quickest route from your location.

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Total Distance:14.6 miles from trailhead to river. Add 8 miles from White Wash Dunes to the trailhead, then double for round trip making about 46 miles.
Difficulty: Difficult, the sand makes travel hard for less experienced riders and there is a few slickrock obstacles that are very challenging. If the sand isn't a problem, less experienced riders can be helped through the slickrock obstacles however.

Below are some pictures of the kids riding around near our camp at White Wash Dunes. The kids really had a great time riding together, and for our kids the track-like trail in the lower parking area made for hours of fun!


  1. I'm so jealous!! i got to head out there about two years ago and it was amazing. The scenery is killer and there was nobody out, it was really early in the summer midweek! Love the Pics!!!

  2. ya, i always enjoy the picx, especially of the kids....i need to put more pics on when i blog

  3. Worth getting blisters!

  4. The place is very beautiful.I wanner have a try.

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